My Experience

Work and Service

  1. Charles Schwab Marketing Intern
    • June 2019- August 2019
    • Worked on the corporate communications team to facilitate external and internal communication
    • Developed the brand story by creating new content
    • Created lasting relationships with my team

  2. D3 Industrial Products Inc.
    • July 2018- August 2018
    • Created a new website and updated the information to improve the company’s organization and marketing techniques
    • Attracted new customers by creating social media accounts for the company to use as an advertising platform
    • Improved D3’s understanding of their target market by conducting an in-depth market research according to geographic regions
    • Promoted brand image by creating a new logo and slogan, which was adopted by the company
  3. My Story Matters
    • January 2017- April 2017
    • Enriched my communication skills by working as the sponsor liaison for my team of interns
    • Increased viewership on social media outlets 200% by writing blog posts for highlighting inspiring stories of everyday people, taking into consideration secondary research on reader preferences
    • Increased individual donations 125% through organizing fundraising events including a formal gala for 200 people

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